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turns out i've got a lot of ideas

it's rach lebeau


I started writing about my life when our son was diagnosed with heart disease. 

I write because everybody hurts.

I write because joy and sorrow can live together.

I write because no occasion is too small.

And I write because I really think we should do stuff.

You'll find me snuggling my babes, rearranging furniture, or making dessert. I loudly cheer for women & am a big fan of the fistbump emoji.







hey you guys!

(start by pretending I said that like on Goonies)

unless that’s weird. in which case don’t.

In 2015 I launched a magazine for women. It was sort of a kick-in-the-pants, live-now-or-never endeavor after my son was diagnosed with heart disease at birth. I am so proud of having done that, and in the process of building a community around the idea the women deserve more, I realized I deserved more too. And I decided to stop running away from what was real. My skills aren’t those of a magazine editor. But they are those of a teacher, a coach, and a fierce idea-haver. So instead of playing small, I’m using everything I’ve got to help other women find their thing.







In 2015, I launched a magazine for women called Heart. Truthfully, to look back on that is one of the most surreal experiences I can think of. I made a magazine. I made a magazine? It's nuts.

Through that process, I realized that something was really missing for women. There was plenty of inspiration already. Ideas were everywhere. But what we didn't have was tools to actually help us do the things that mattered to us. We were missing the how-tos and the partnership. 

So our magazine team started brainstorming and did a pivot even Misty Copeland would be proud of. We're now digging deep, getting our hands dirty, and helping women DO stuff at Enkindle. If you've ever wanted to do something but thought you couldn't, go hang out there and we'll prove you wrong every chance we get.







I am extremely passionate about making our home somewhere that we feel celebrated. I want it to feel comfortable and amazing and full of memories.

We bake in the kitchen with bare feet on the counter at least twice a week.

Every single week we find an excuse for a special occasion--a big dinner, an outing, a movie night.

We believe that no matter how hard things can be, we are worth celebrating.

That might sound cheesy but it's the dang truth. Heartaches are best combated with smiles so big they hurt your cheeks. So we do that every chance we get. 

Anyway, big dream alert: I want to help people design homes that reflect their joys. So I'm going to start collecting inspirations and ideas here too. 







This precious little barnacle on my leg is Henry. He has heart disease. And when he was born and I heard that news, I felt pretty immediately that it was go time. That nothing should stop me (or us—our family) from living out loud. From loving, from saying how we feel, from eating a third cookie (sorry, pants).⠀

I talk about it a lot so that you can know. I talk about it so that hopefully you don't need a rock-bottom moment to get to the point where you realize that you're not too big. You're not too loud or too much or too anything.⠀

Do stuff, babe. ⠀
You're valuable. And what you have in your heart matters.⠀
A lot.