Know Your Heart Combo - Print Guide + Course

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Know Your Heart Combo - Print Guide + Course


Are you sure there's more out there for you, but don't know where to start?

Printed Guidebook and Course Access

The Know Your Heart series is aimed at helping you uncover your purpose.

The Know Your Heart course and guidebook combo gives you access to our printed materials and the online course that starts March 1. 

With this combo, you'll be getting guided access to all the coursework in the Guidebook and a hard copy of the worksheets. It also includes a digital copy of the coursework, access to the private discussion group and a team of encouragers to help along the way.

As a teacher, Rachel knows the best way to learn something is through guidance -- a helping hand, a series of examples, and suggestions along the way are key to success. The combo assures you access to step-by-step processes to develop what's on your heart.

"This is clear and easy to use which is great, especially for a woman juggling a million things. The prompts are clear and helped me get right to the core of my dreams." - Michele

Course opens March 1, Workbooks will ship February 21

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The combo includes the Know Your Heart course (opens March 1st) and the printed Guidebook. Access to the course also provides the Know Your Heart Guidebook in digital form.  

  • feeling stuck?
  • need inspiration and guidance so you'll really follow through?
  • looking for a way to find your "thing"?                

Your purchase also grants you access to the private Know Your Heart group so you can connect with other women on the journey.

The course will include guidance on 

  • evaluating your strengths
  • identifying dreams, goals, possibilities for the future
  • understanding how you can best spend your time
  • tools for intentional living

All content will be accessible on Teachable after March 1st. You can complete the coursework at your own pace and follow along as we work together in the private group.