Know Your Heart

This is for finding yourself and learning to love her.

Today is the day!

I told you yesterday that in my time away, we made something special for you.

Well it's here! Today is the day!

Meet the Know Your Heart Guidebook and series.

This is a 50-page workbook that helps you get straight to the heart of things. (Pun semi-intended).

After Volume I, we realized that as much as we loved inspiring you, we wanted more. We wanted to give you a way to take action.


So we made you this:

The Know Your Heart Guidebook.
It is over 50 pages of prompts, exercises, and tools to help you live on purpose. This isn't about goal setting, but rather about getting to know the woman you are.

This is for finding yourself and learning to love her. It's for dreams and heart flutters and for using your past for a purpose.

One of our pilot users just said,

"Sitting there and allowing myself to actually think and write about what I want and who I am (not what someone else wants for me) has literally changed my life already."

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I hate getting all salesy and weird so I'll leave you with this:

You deserve to know what you want and who you are. You deserve to know those things and start infusing your life with stuff that makes you proud.
You can shop the Guidebook (in paper or digital format) and the corresponding course in our shop now.