i'm not that cool

Cultivated Heart | TheHeartMagI took a month away from social media and there's a resounding theme I am dealing with: There is nothing overly cool about my life.

Now, don't get me wrong when I say this. My life not being cool doesn't mean I am not happy with it. On the contrary, after finally coming out of a storm season, I adore the season of life I am in right now. I am saying this more from the standpoint of comparison.

When you look at someone else's life on social media the weed of comparison is going to start to grow. It happens to me when I look at other's lives, it happens when I scroll through Pinterest and see this BALLIN kitchen that probably cost abajillion dollars, it happens when I look at other business owners and see where they are vs. where I am. I can see when I am letting the weed of comparison begin to grow instead of working to prune it out. So here are a couple of ways that I try to prune comparison out of my life:

  • Know what brings you fulfillment

This is along the lines of the last heart check, but seriously, you gotta do you boo. What brings someone else happiness might not bring you the same happiness. My idea of happiness could be totally opposite of yours, there is nothing wrong with that, but the better you begin to get down to the seeds that bring you joy and begin to tend to those seeds...well boom, there won't be any room for the weed of comparison in your garden (aka heart).

  • Your life is as awesome as your attitude towards it

Gratitude changes everything. That is why there are specifically pages in The Cultivated Heart  that are meant to help you see the good in your life and reflect on what you are grateful for. Each day you can seek out the good or focus on the negative, you can see what you have or you can look at what is missing. I can drastically see how my heart has changed from the person I use to be. Each morning I reflect on what I am grateful for, whether I am writing it in my Cultivated Heart or listing items in my head. It sets the tone for my day, every day.

  • Intentionally make good things happen in your own life

It's easy to sit around and watch everyone else living what appears to be pure awesomeness, but it's way more fun to start intentionally planting good things in your own life to focus on and look forward to.

Different seasons will yield different things that breed comparison. Comparison will never go away, but it can be managed.

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