heart: the secret is out

So you know how I’ve been saying for months that I’ve had a big project happening behind the scenes? And you know how I told you here that as much as I love weddings, I know very well that magic happens both before and after that day? Well here goes… I’m starting a magazine.

It is lifestyle centered and focused on authenticity. I, for one, am so tired of scrolling through my Instagram feed or visiting blogs and websites that make me feel like what I have or who I am isn’t enough. Women deserve a magazine that celebrates the real and meets them where they are in life.

heart: the secret is out | theheartmag.com

The last year with our son, Henry, has been life-changing to say the least. An unexpected diagnosis of congenital heart disease and the fear that came along with it, has led me to find bravery and peace. I have learned to push past fear because there’s so much goodness to be found. So yes, even though this sounds like a lofty goal, I know it’s worth pursuing.

Going forward, I want the energy I expend outside of my family to be spent enriching the lives of women like me—women like you. The magazine will feature content that takes care of your heart. In its pages you’ll find celebrations of the real, a hand to hold through triumph and tragedy, and authentic stories from women living their best lives. You won’t find suggestions for thousand-dollar outfits, or recipes that leave you cursing and hopeless. No recommendations for a spotless house or creative projects you’ll never master. This magazine promises to encourage new pursuits while also assuring you that you’re just fine, as you are in this very moment.

Within the publication you can expect themes like: mastering your wardrobe without blowing your budget, recipes we’ve successfully completed while still in our work clothes and holding at least one kid, ideas for creating a home that suits your lifestyle, finding and celebrating small victories, stories to make you cheer and ugly cry all in one sitting, and gentle encouragement that assures you that you’re on the right track. Whether you’re living your dream life or wondering if it’s normal to still not know what you want to do when you grow up, I hope that you will feel safe within the pages of Heart. I hope you will feel inspired, comforted, and at home.

I have celebrated the love of marriage for years now via Embellish, and I hope this new mission will allow me to continue honoring love in its many forms.

Henry’s heart has inspired me to take on the things I’ve always dreamed of. It has inspired me to live life more openly. Forgive. Form new friendships. To trust my heart, and care for the hearts of others. Henry’s heart has led me to this Heart.

I hope that readers will be inspired by the content within the pages, and come to understand the meaning behind that name, but you, friend, have heard it straight from me. You know what this publication is all about, and it is my heartfelt hope that you will help me realize this dream.

At this moment, we’re slated to print our very first issue by 2016, and in the meantime will offer Heart’s content via our Instagram @theheartmag (now live, please follow along!) and blog launching this spring. If you have an idea for a story that just has to be told, would you send it my way? Should you know of anyone who would like to contribute their talents to a magazine that celebrates the realness of every day, would you please point them in my direction? And finally, should you be willing to share your heart, your talent, or your input to make this magazine a reality, would you please tell me how you’d like to be involved?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thanks for being a friend.