hey you guys!

(start by pretending I said that like on Goonies)

unless that’s weird. in which case don’t.


In 2015 I launched a magazine for women. It was sort of a kick-in-the-pants, live-now-or-never endeavor after my son was diagnosed with heart disease at birth. I am so proud of having done that, and in the process of building a community around the idea the women deserve more, I realized I deserved more too. And I decided to stop running away from what was real. My skills aren’t those of a magazine editor. But they are those of a teacher, a coach, and a fierce idea-haver. So instead of playing small, I’m using everything I’ve got to help other women find their thing.




here you'll find a cheerleader in me 


a sisterhood ready to run with you toward a life you love


are you ready for more?

we've got tips, tricks, and tools to help you get started




our passion, our purpose, the work we are meant for


So we come here to build relationships.

We become partners.

We laugh and we cry.

We share what we’ve seen.

We learn from each other.

We practice loving who we are and work together to find what fires us up.


you deserve to feel awesome about how you spend your days

get connected with others

grab tools to get started


let's make good stuff happen. together.

Heart exists for women who are ready to love the now.

Instead of waiting, holding back, or believing we’ll be happier someday, we gather here to share the real stuff and learn to love who we are.

We tell our stories and share our hearts.

We develop tools that help us love our real lives. Right now.


the hearts behind heart

there's no way any of this could happen without these rad women


Right about the time I was thinking it was time to throw in the towel on this project, Jess came along and shot confetti all over everything. She knew it was time not to quit, but to fire up and get to work. She manages our marketing and graphics, is an incredible coach for fierce biz bosses, and believes that we can do just about anything with a little fire under us. Jess lives in Wyoming with her husband and pup and never met a brunch she didn’t like.


This woman, y’all. The second Heart launched she said she wanted in. And there’s no way I could have survived without her. She’s our managing editor which is code for: keeps everyone in line (i.e. me), makes sure we know our deadlines and stick to them, can do basically anything, has the cutest baby that ever lived, and loves loves loves a good monogram. Sara lives in Texas with her husband, precious babe, Sloan, and pup, Rumpy.


Let’s start with the fact that she saved Heart’s life. After we’d collected all the stories and compiled all the photos for Volume I, we had the staggering realization that we didn’t know how to build a magazine on our own. Bree saved the day and is responsible for the layout and design of our publications. Her heart is as kind as they come. Bree lives in Texas and is preparing to travel the US with her husband next year.